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Trevor SloanSeven Robins in the Snow

Coming Feb 16, 2018
1. Someone Else’s Face
2. Today I Felt the Spring
3. A Parrot on His Shoulder
4. Only God Knows What’s on His Mind
5. My Loneliness
6. Heintzman Street
7. Ain’t It Nice
8. Lonely Beauty
9. Seven Robins in the Snow
10. A New Year

Phono d’enfantAmbrose Psychic
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1. Prelude
2. Look out Mr. Pigeon!
3. Towers of Pine
4. Youth
5. Where I Want to Be
6. Balloon Man
7. Ambrose Interlude
8. Cassie
9. Autumn Leaves in the Sun
10. Red Hibiscus Tree
11. The City
12. End Credits
(Released April 2016)

Phono d’enfant – The Wild Rose That Is
front cover image
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1. Blue-eyed Child
2. The Wild Rose That Is
3. Secret in My Soul
4. Lovers in the Wind (feat. La Fille)
5. Spring Comes In
6. Wandering Line
7. Wild Rose Interlude
8. Gold
9. Cedar Whisper
10. I Wear the Scarf She Made
11. Last Moth of Summer
(Released March 2014)

Phono d’enfant – Ragged Chute Blues

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1. Secret Path to Nowhere
2. Dark Beauty
3. Country Air
4. The Quyon River
5. Silver Rings
6. Ragged Chute Blues
7. My Palm Trees
8. Shephed Me
9. Burnt Down Reel
10. Island
(Released Oct 2012)

Phono d’enfant – Balsam Sunrise

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1. Dreams of Youth
2. Fountain
3. Balsam Sunrise
4. Laughing in the Sun
5. Fresh Tears
6. The Comb with a White Rose
7. Dusty Roads
8. Skin to Skin
9. This Is a Painting
10. Short Season
11. Pennies
(Released Oct 2011)

Phono d’enfant – The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema

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1. Blue Waves
2. I Was Stung
3. Never Cold
4. Everything I See
5. Buck’s Blood
6. Michelle’s Interlude
7. The night is wrapping its wings around us
8. I Am a Shadow
9. A Loving Part
10. Sand Dollar Girl
11. Love Is a Season (feat. La Fille)
(Released Oct 2010)

Phono d’enfant – White Blossoms

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1. Green days rustling in my mind
2. Minnows
3. With You
4. White Blossoms
5. Dark Ones
6. Summer Brings
7. Her Little Face
8. Country
9. The Moon My Love
10. What a Day
(Released Feb 2010)


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