Cicada Songs

The new album will be available May 10, 2019.

1. Faces I Love
2. North Wind
3. Break of Day
4. The Fire Is Low
5. I Am a Stranger Today
6. Petals
7. So Blue
8. Lost in the Green
9. Spring Is Hiding Behind the Snow
10. Cicada Interlude
11. Cicada Songs

New Album Update

For the last year or so I’ve been writing and recording new songs. There should be a new album released in 2019. The album will be called Cicada Songs. It is being mixed again by Andy Magoffin. I hope to share some new music soon. In the meantime I’ve been busy making collages which you can check out on my Instagram page here.


New Album Seven Robins in the Snow Now Available!

My new album is now available! Special shout out to Christie Gray for playing the violin and Andy Magoffin for mixing and mastering.

Trevor SloanSeven Robins in the Snow
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Track Listing:
1. Someone Else’s Face
2. Today I Felt the Spring
3. A Parrot on His Shoulder
4. Only God Knows What’s on His Mind
5. My Loneliness
6. Heintzman Street
7. Ain’t It Nice
8. Lonely Beauty
9. Seven Robins in the Snow
10. A New Year