“…slyly intricate with ethereal touches against a more traditional acoustic folk backdrop…” — Music Morsels (February 2016); referring to Ambrose Psychic


Top 10 Favourite LPs of 2012  “…a folk inspired sound with cleverly placed keyboards and percussion.” — Birds of Canada blog (November 2012); referring to Ragged Chute Blues


“He is using some old technology here, some great old synth sounds, but he creates these soft thick layers; it’s almost like he’s building up sound like big slabs of felt.” — Laurie Brown, CBC Radio 2 (April 2011); referring to “Blue Waves”

Trevor Sloan offers a fresh take on the singer-songwriter tradition, combining his fascination with old keyboards and sounds with acoustic instruments and intimate vocals. Although for the most part he remains in the shadows of the Canadian music scene, his song “The Quyon River” (released under the name Phono d’enfant) was regularly featured on the CBC Radio 2 show The Signal. His music has been used in film and TV and he was nominated for the Louis Applebaum Composers Award in 2014. He plans to release a new album called Seven Robins in the Snow in 2018 which will be the first under his own name.