New album the fur of the bulrush now available!

Trevor Sloan – The Fur of the Bulrush

  1. The Feeling of Almost
  2. Touch of Sorrow
  3. Pale Hand
  4. Green May
  5. Cool as the Shade
  6. Trembling Shadows
  7. Broken Teacup
  8. The Fur of the Bulrush
  9. Two Guitars
  10. Shadow of the Cloud
  11. Lit by Stars






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Just before the lockdown last year, I was up north, walking in a forest, when I saw what I thought was fur scattered in the snow; it turned out to be seeds from the nearby bulrushes. With the world seemingly on the verge of chaos, I was wondering what I had to say that was relevant. From this humble state of mind, I started writing songs that touched on themes of love, the passing of time and moments of darkness. Initially, I wanted a stripped-down, intimate sound focused on guitar and voice. But over time I started recording with more instrumentation, including vintage keyboards and drums, for many of the songs. The album was later mixed and mastered by Andy Magoffin.

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