Balsam Sunrise Now Available

The new album Balsam Sunrise is now available!

The Golden Age Of Mexican Cinema - Phono d'enfant
1. Dreams of Youth
2. Fountain
3. Balsam Sunrise
4. Laughing in the Sun
5. Fresh Tears
6. The Comb with a White Rose
7. Dusty Roads
8. Skin to Skin
9. This Is a Painting
10. Short Season
11. Pennies

Most of it was recorded last year and this year in Toronto.

Trevor Sloan – vocals, guitar, synth, piano, percussion
Christie Gray – violin
Damon de Szegheo – drums, mixing and mastering
Alison Sloan – vocals on “Fountain,” “Laughing in the Sun” and “Fresh Tears”
Michelle Footz – ukulele on “Skin to Skin”
Zoe Guigeno – bass on “Skin to Skin”
Meg Kwasnicki – voice on “Dusty Roads”
Patrick Dinglasan – graphic design


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